For my Artist in Residence at Dwell on Design, I will be creating an audience interactive Atelier that will create “Move-in-Kits” for recently housed homeless people in Los Angeles. This is an opportunity to not only solve local solutions and bring attention to issues in our own community, but also to try and create a template for other cities and homeless aid organization to use in assisting individuals who are placed in permanent housing through craft and design.

The items in the “Move-in-Kits” will include a modular stool and side table, a knit blanket and wall art. The United Way and PATH, People Assisting the Homeless, will be placing 300 homeless individuals in permanent housing in Los Angeles this June — 100 of which are from Skid Row. During Dwell on Design, we will be fabricating the components of the “Move-in-Kits” with audience participation.

BUT we need your help! We need 300 knit blankets.
Its is important for us to include handmade touches in the kits, and a knit blanket helps make a space a home. There are no parameters for the size of the blankets, or restrictions on material.